BitLocker with SCCM 2012 R2 SP1 Part 1

So the big boss at work told our information sec team that BitLocker needs to be in place on all staff desktops where potentially sensitive data could be stored. The IA guys came to see us desktop/system admin guys to see if we could automate the process. What we have here is our way of automating BitLocker in an environment which is roughly 2000 windows desktops ranging from Windows 7 through to Windows 10. We have a way of doing this on existing computers and new computers. The real meat of this post is in the existing computers part.



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Powershell speak

So me and a buddy at work regularly play pranks by making computers speak, we do this using powershell. To kick it off here is the basis of the whole thing.



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SCCM 2012, Powershell and DCM

This is something we have wanted to start using for a while and now we are I thought I would share my findings.

For those that don’t know DCM (Desired Configuration Management) as it was known in ConfigMgr 2007 is now simply referred to as compliance and comprises configurations items and configurations baselines. Basically baselines are deployed much like applications to workstations. These baselines are usually made up of configurations items used to check compliance to a particular setting or application. Baselines can also include other baselines. At the uni we have had incidents where a machine is deployed with OSD and for some reason or another an application will fail to install. These applications have all been thoroughly tested so we know they work both in and out of task sequences. So we need to be able to see which machines in our classrooms are missing software. We have around 1500 – 1800 teaching machines so it needs to be something we can manage centrally. DCM/Compliance fits the bill here.

We like the built in reports but they aren’t flexible and require quite a bit of drilling down. We ideally want something for our junior technicians to be able to quickly say X machine in location Y is not compliant, we need to go see whats wrong and in the same breath see that a machine is compliant so no in depth checks are required.

The way we decided to approach this issue was with powershell and WMI. We can use the WMI namespace root\ccm\dcm and the class SMS_DesiredConfiguration to pull information on configuration baselines. (more…)


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Powershell create shortcut functuin

Simply function to create shortcuts.

Usage is very simple just use it like so

If you want to leave a parameter blank just put “” in its place. Tested on Windows 7.


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SCCM 2012 Application Detection Methods/Configuration Items

I thought I should share my experience on this subject as it is quite common. Many times an application is created in SCCM 2012 that is not a Windows Installer application this means coming up with a detection method. You can do this using a file check or folder path check but I prefer to use a bit of powershell. This can also be pretty good if you are using Compliance/DCM to create configuration items for configuration baselines. (more…)


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